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Fund Your Post Corporate Life

Business Services For Fractional Executives To Go From
First Client To Full Pipeline

How Fractional Executives Reimagine Their Second Act
You Left Corporate And Became Fractional Executive.
You're Ready To Live The Life You Couldn't In Corporate.

But the road to independent business ownership is uncharted territory.

Marketing and sales are a necessary to having your own business. Without clients, there is no income.

But you don't want to necessarily learn the new marketing tactic du jour.

And quite frankly, for a fractional Executive that wants 4 -6 clients a year most marketing tactics will suck the time and life out of you.

How do you balance delivering your service with marketing and sales when time is your bottleneck?

  1. Make sure your Go-To-Market strategy doesn't position you as a "hired gun". Marketing your resume of experience and expertise is a sure fire way for you to get stuck in the quicksand of Struggle City.

  2. Create a process. If you don't have a process, it's going to cause you inconsistency. Processes allow for consistency and consistency allows you to generate results.

  3. Stop copying others. You climbed the corporate ladder and didn't become an executive by being average. Most marketing tactics are for those that are average. You need something different to standout

The clients that we work with are ready to go from being hired as someone that has solutions to problems to being hired for the many years of wisdom that allows them to identify the problem keeping their clients from achieving success. 


You're here because you know you're great at what you do and ready to get results in a way that feels authentic to you and is sustainable.

You want to be in a position to choose the clients you want to work with and be fully booked with clients willing to pay top dollar for your services.

Without a solid foundation that suits your business and personality, messaging and communication that makes you stand out from your competitors, and a reliable and repeatable process to generate clients, you're going to spin your wheels and never get out of the rut you're in.





I have tried many marketing tactics on my own, which did not yield any results. I have also spent a lot of time and money investing in other companies to help me generate new business, which did not produce any better results.


Utilizing Maven's mentoring service, I have learned how to present the products and services of VAI, a high-value, high ticket services company, in a compelling and straightforward fashion.


Their weekly private individual sessions, focusing on my strengths and weaknesses instead of a cookie-cutter approach, have been invaluable to my success. 


From having no leads or prospects since 2009, I now have a pipeline and $500K+ in closed business. 


Jay and Taz take a personal interest in teaching, advising, and mentoring their clients to become confident and successful consultants.  


The Dirty Little Secret No One Tells You

Monkey See, Monkey Do Is Not A Great Business Building Strategy

The trap most fractional executives fall into is that they use a monkey see, monkey do strategy when it comes to growth. They look at what others are doing and mimic without a clear understanding of  - will it work for them.


There are hundreds of tactics out there on how to market and scale your business.

The question...which one is right for you?

The Catalyst™: 
Secure Your Income.
Savor Your Indepence

The Catalyst is our flagship advisory program for fractional executives who are great at what they do and are ready to be recognized by their target audience for their true insights they have gathered over their corporate career. This program will help the second act fractional executive who want to achieve the lifestyle independence they want from their business by recreating their corporate income, having market recognition, and making the most of every minute spent on marketing and sales. You will develop the skillsets, toolsets, and mindset that will help you communicate the value of your expertise so you work the clients that you want at the price point you deserve.

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Josh-Goldberg-Web (2).png

Jay Kinlgey and Taz Sadhukhan have really helped me bring structure, thought, and purpose to my marketing activities. I had never previously sat down to figure out where my best leads and clients came from, nor how I should be positioning my message to distinguish myself from the competition. Through their systematic process, Jay and Taz helped me answer these and other questions for myself. Their teachings and encouragement have helped me hone in on my message, be more selective in what marketing activities I pursue, and give me a purpose for each marketing meeting I have.


I am now much more confident in my marketing efforts, knowing I can rely on my detailed plan. I have already seen these efforts pay off, not just in new clients but in people reaching out to me for help, and having meetings result in the exact outcomes I want. I can honestly say I would not be in as strong of a marketing position as I am today if it were not for Centricity.


The Catalyst™ Is Not Another Tactic Or Course

Our marketing and sales advisory program is definitely NOT for everyone. We are not for those that are looking for a magic bullet. But we can help you eliminate the mistakes most fractional Executives make saving you time and money.

You must meet 3 important criteria to work with us: 


1. You must be a fractional executive. 

Our advisory program is designed exclusively for the second act fractional executive. That means you've spent the last 25+ years climbing the corporate ladder and ending in a leadership role of VP or higher.


2. You must be open and ready to think differently.

If you’re not willing to change the way you think about your fractional executive business – including your messaging, positioning, outreach, professional network, sales, business model and revenue – then we are not for you.  There are many services out there, we are the only ones that focus on the fractional executives who want to build their own independent business. 


3. You must be willing to implement and iterate to optimize.

We are not good for course junkies or those who "never have the time" to work on their business. Our program and mentoring only work if you learn and implement relentlessly. 

If you are looking for a quick fix or magic dust, we can't help you. This isn't about getting you to the finish line the fastest. It's about adopting the toolkits, skillsets, and mindsets that produce predictable results for the long term.

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