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Marc Brookland
SEO Locale
SEO With Intention
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SEO Locale was founded by Marc Brookland in 2015. It wasn't until 2017 he dedicated himself full-time as the CEO of SEO Locale. After 1 year of successful business, Marc was able to bring on his business partner, Nick Quirk. Starting in a small apartment in Old City, Philadelphia with 10 clients, Marc & Nick quickly grew SEO Locale to a team of 13 with 200 clients.

Marc got his start at a small website design & development firm in Fishtown, Philadelphia. As an intern project manager, he discovered his fascination with understanding how users navigate through websites, and making updates to those sites to enhance user experience. Without realizing, his career in SEO began. After solely creating three extremely successful campaigns as an in-house SEO specialist, Marc knew he was ready to start SEO Locale.

In this episode

It’s not hard to rank high on Google. But you have to know what you’re doing to rank high on keywords with intention to purchase. Marc Brookland of SEO Locale tells us the key to success is to identify high customer-intent keywords to build your SEO campaign and more importantly, generate quality leads. No business wants to rank for a "how to" keyword, because that user is just looking for free information. Marc is clear that keywords are the driving force behind increasing revenue through your website. Focus on building an SEO campaign around actionable keywords versus informational keywords. Marc provides 5 key steps to implement a SEO strategy that will drive revenue not just traffic. As he reminds us, good SEO is not about driving traffic, it’s about the right traffic. Listen to the end for a gift from Marc that will help you start implementing SEO the right way.

SEO With IntentionMarc Brookland
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A glimpse of what you'll hear

02:15 Your SEO strategy should be based on ranking for keywords with high purchase intention.

04:34 Keyword research is the key to driving a successful SEO campaign.

07:36 Nailing your keyword research can dramatically increase your conversion rate

09:55 A good SEO strategy takes into consideration minimizing your cost of client acquisition

15:02 Implementing a SEO program to drive traffic with intention in 5 steps

18:22 Learn about Marc, Email Marc at or call him at +1.215.801.9427.

Episode Transcript
(Note: this was transcribed using transcription software and may not reflect the exact words used in the podcast.)

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