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Stephanie Cansian
Say It Simply Productions
Add Value Not Spam To Email Inboxes
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We help creative small business owners with simple, sustainable, and successful email marketing strategy.

After spending six years climbing various corporate ladders, Stephanie Cansian founded Say It Simply Productions; a marketing company dedicated to helping creative people find structure and strategy in their email marketing. She received her MBA in Strategic Management and Marketing from Rutgers in 2015, and her first book "Change the World in $10 or Less" is available to order at all major book retailers.

In this episode

Who isn't tired of poorly written, irrelevant, useless, bit and byte wasting emails that clog your inbox? There's a term for that - SPAM! Stephanie Cansian of Say It Simply Productions advises that effective email marketing starts with having a clear objective, an understanding of the recipients, and a commitment to provide them value in each communication. You have to write your email as if you're talking to one individual who represents your idea audience. Stephanie recommends that you segment a large email list by each persona you're trying to reach. Ideally your email campaigns help you build relationships with your audience, not just pitch doing a transaction with you. Listen to the end for a nice gift Stephanie is offering our listeners.

Add Value Not Spam To Email InboxesStephanie Cansian
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A glimpse of what you'll hear

03:02 Why so many emails are so poorly constructed that they might as well be SPAM.

04:56 How to do email marketing correctly.

05:51 Segment your email list for each different persona you're trying to reach.

07:08 Benefits from targeting and segmenting your email campaigns.

13:05 Three step implementation process to launch a successful email marketing program.

16:06 Learn about Stephanie. Email Stephanie at or call or text her at +1.609.353.6682.

Episode Transcript
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