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Helping B2B consultants thrive.

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Our clients say it best:

"We just had our best two months EVER as a company. For anyone who needs assistance in honing your messaging and gaining access to top professionals, I highly recommend Centricity."

Matt Rutter, CEO - Enspire

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Centricity is uniquely designed for:  Consultants, Coaches, Solo B2B Business Owners,  B2B Entrepreneurs, & Fractional CXOs who don't need a lot of clients to be fully booked.

We specialize in helping corporate refugees turned consultants who
are tired of using time-intensive lead generation tactics and
 still don't know
where their next client is coming from.
Our Solution

Access the people that need your services.

You're an expert at what you do, which means messaging, marketing, and sales is a new kettle of fish for you. 


You're a highly regarded digital consultant, agency owner, CPA,  IT expert, attorney, etc.  You provide a valuable service,  but lead generation and selling is a completely different challenge. As it should be.


But, here's what we do know about the hundreds of clients we've worked with.


You love what you do and have a business but you still hate to generate leads and close deals. Clients that come to us, know what they know, and know what they don't know. They value their time and look to gain an edge by tapping into the expertise of others. 


That's why we're here -- to help people like you keep growing your business doing more of what you love and less of what you hate.

Unfortunately, most professional services marketing strategies being taught today are outdated, misguided, or just plain don’t work for your type of business. Cold calls? Cold emails? Spamming your LinkedIn network? Thanks, but no thanks. 

You don't have a lead generation problem. You have a client generation problem.

Centricity is a client acquisition program with personalized coaching that arms you with the right messages, techniques and people to open doors at companies in need of your services.  You'll simply need to show up and practice with other members of our b2b professional community.

Sell your service confidently & consistently.


No more stumbling with sales and marketing ideas that don't work. You'll know exactly what to say and be able to confidently explain your value proposition to the various audience segments you'll need to reach. Centricity is a program for growth -- AND, it's a community of like-minded B2B focused professionals who provide services to large enterprises,  mid-market, and small businesses. Together, with our coaches, we all develop the necessary components for success in selling to the C-Suite. 


You're excellent at what you do, but getting new clients consistently is really hard.  We get it. We'll help you break through the revenue plateau so you can have the freedom that you envisioned from your business. 


Here's some of what we help you do:

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Learn winning ways to communicate  and differentiate your brand message & expertise 

My Post (15).jpg

Develop the strategic business network to access the right decision-makers 

My Post (15).jpg

Elevate your business profile within your network to establish your expertise and become the go-to Trusted Advisor

My Post (15).jpg

Develop techniques to not only acquire new clients but to retain existing ones


Centricity is powerful B2B marketing, sales training and business to business sales

Did You Know : 84% of B2B purchase decisions start with a referral.* 

Pause to think about that for a moment -- almost all of your client acquisitions will be generated from relationships.  Now, imagine you 're plugged  into a proven program for building and leveraging the right strategic relationships.  And, you're armed with the right messaging and techniques. That's right, you'll see the real growth in your client base. 

*Edelman Trust Barometer

Water Ripple

A program for growth

Centricity Is:

A community


Grow Your Business Without Having To Pitch and Sell

The Tipping Point™ program is definitely NOT for everyone. 

You must meet 3 important criteria to work with us: 


1. You must be running a B2B business selling your expertise. 

Our mentoring program is designed exclusively for B2B professional services businesses that primarily sell their knowledge and expertise and want to take things to the next level. They are looking for their business to support the lifestyle and freedom they have dreamed of. 


2. You must be open and ready to think differently.

If you’re not willing to change (not everything) the way you think about your B2B professional services and consulting business – including your messaging, positioning, outreach, professional network, sales, and revenue – then we are not for you.  It is for those that want to be in the top 5% in their ability to attract new clients and cement their status as a Trusted Advisor in their field.


3. You must be willing to implement and iterate to optimize.

We are not good for course junkies or those who "never have the time" to work on their business. Our program and mentoring only work if you learn and implement relentlessly. 


We work with consultants, coaches, agency owners, outsourced CXOs, and other expert-based professional service providers using proven thought-leadership marketing strategies that work and provide reliability and a marketing channel that has a 80%+ conversion rate and 35x ROI than anything else out there.

We help you go from being viewed as an order taker to a Trusted Authority so prospects begin chasing you.

We give you everything you need and a year's worth of support. This isn't about getting you to the finish line the fastest. It's about creating sustainable habits that produce predictable results for the long term.

Set Up a 15-Minute Consultation (it's free)

We wake up every morning truly excited to work with our clients seeking to grow their businesses. If that's your mindset, simply set up some time with us or join us at an introductory event.  We look forward to meeting you and hearing about your business journey.  Get started

Get the

Message Right

 Work with our coaches to optimize your message so you're viewed as a market leader.

Develop a

Strategic Network 

Develop a network that works for you, so it provides access to the right decision-makers reliably.

Generate High

Quality Referrals

Learn techniques that leverage your network to consistently generate high-quality referrals.



Turn  the consistent flow of referrals into clients. Plus, discover ways to retain existing clients longer.

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